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Michael Mills

Michael is a professional tour guide, conservationist and bird book author. He grew up in the world-famous Kruger National Park before studying at the renowned Percy FitzPatrick Institute. Since graduating he has been working closely with Birding Africa, guiding bird tours across the continent for 20 years, and conducting bird conservation and research work in Angola in association with the A.P. Leventis Ornithological Research Institute for the past 15 years. He is recognised as one of Africa’s foremost bird experts, having written more than 70 journal articles, visited more than 25 African countriesm, and seen over 2350 bird species in the African region. He has written and self-produced two books, The Birder’s Guide to Africa and The Special Birds of Angola. He currently lives in Egypt in Cairo.

Birding Africa

Birding Africa is the only bird tour company dedicated to offering birding tours across the African continent. Michael continues to work closely with Birding Africa, and most of his tours are guided for Birding Africa. Visit the Birding Africa website by clicking here.

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Email: goawaybirding@gmail.com
WhatsApp: +27724635631